Things to Consider When Buying an IPTV Service

At this point, we hope you understand that IPTV works like other streaming services but it is not entirely similar to Netflix or Disney+. That’s why you must dig around before picking a long-term service provider. To avoid this hassle, we have covered all the major talking points, more like a checklist, that you must remember when you are shopping for a good IPTV service online.

1. Payment Options

The higher the price, the better the service. The payment options boils down to your overall budget if we are being really honest here. If you are willing to carve out a big budget for entertainment every month then getting a premium IPTV service should be your first option. But, if you can’t afford to pay for another subscription then we have shared some free IPTV services below (which is not our first choice, but just for the sake of covering all the bases). 

2. Number of Connections

A single connection would probably work fine for you because some mac-based IPTV services are device-locked, and a single connection is best-suited in most cases. You can easily find service providers that offer multiple connections, which means you can use a single IPTV subscription on more than one streaming device. Always be clear on what devices you are going to use long-term. There is no point in getting multiple connections and paying an extra few dollars when you only use your smart TV for streaming. Food for thought! 

3. Provided Channels

Of course, you are going to choose channels based on the country you are in, which is totally understandable. You might search for the “best IPTV service in the USA, UK, or Canada” on Google and see a wide array of service providers. Different service providers offer different channels and you have to be very specific about what you are looking for. Lucky for you, there is an option to customize your channels and add your favorites to the catalog as well. But, we should tell you that this might be a little expensive option although it offers the best value for your money. 

4. EPG Availability

Every IPTV service has an EPG, which is an Electronic Program Guide, that shows all available channels. You should take a look at EPG by asking your service provider for a live link before buying an IPTV subscription. As you are paying for a service, it is better to explore all the IPTV channels, genres, and networks beforehand and avoid regret later on. Also, you might see various types of EPGs. Some layouts may be confusing for you to follow, while others have a nice and clean list of channels. 

5. Price

With Kodi, you can use a free IPTV service. However, sometimes, you’ll have to get a paid IPTV service for watching premium channels or accessing Pay-Per-View matches or worldwide sports channels. Moreover, you can ask for a free trial first once you decide to buy a premium IPTV service. From a free subscription to as high as $20 per month, there are multiple subscriptions you can choose from.   

6. VPN Compatibility

Like we discussed a few times in this article, using a VPN app for IPTV is a good habit. Internet service providers and surveillance agencies can track your online activity. If, God forbid, you are caught streaming copyrighted material on a shady IPTV service, then this might get you into trouble. (Just a little bit.)  Use a VPN to hide your online identity from prying eyes. A VPN app can also help you get around geographical limitations so you can access region-locked channels without trouble. This is how a premium VPN works. 

7. Customer Support

Most IPTV service providers will offer 24-hour support service but they can mislead you. As of writing this article, the police took down 5,500 IPTV servers because they were involved in illegal streaming. This affected 50 million innocent users, like you and I, who had no clue about the legality of their IPTV service. To avoid this kind of trouble in the future, you must check for reviews and only consider buying a service from a trusted provider, and someone who can offer round the clock support.  

8. Premium Sports Options

IPTV is also popular because it offers worldwide sports channels which includes NRL, NFL, NBA, Premier League, tennis, cricket, the UEFA Championship, or boxing series. Ask your service provider about the sports channels you are interested in and check their EPG whether they are telling the truth or not. In the case of IPTV, we don’t want you to waste money on a subscription that is useless to you. 

How to Install IPTV on Multiple Devices

As you know, IPTV is currently in the grey area and since there is no way to tell whether the content on it is legal or illegal, we advise you to turn on your VPN app. By doing this, you can at least hide your actual identity, which is your IP address, from internet service providers and government surveillance agencies. In short, a VPN app can help you dodge an ISP ban if things go south. That is to say, once your device is connected to an IPTV VPN, all you have to do is use your IPTV credentials and install the app. 

Install IPTV on Your Amazon Fire TV

  1. Go to the Main Menu. 
  2. Choose Settings My Device > Developer options
  3. Select Apps from Unknown Sources
  4. Turn on the option. 
  5. Now go back to the main menu. 
  6. Search and install the Downloader app. 
  7. Launch the app and choose Allow when prompted. 
  8. Click OK and type in the URL (
  9. Click OK and wait for the installation to finish. 
  10. Select Done and then Delete when prompted. 
  11. Choose Delete once again. This will take you back to the main menu. 
  12. Under Your Apps and Channels options, click on See All
  13. Search and launch the IPTV app. 

Install IPTV on iOS or Android Device

  1. Go to the App Store. 
  2. Search and install the IPTV Smarters app. 
  3. After that, launch the IPTV app. 
  4. Choose Accept and sign in using your credentials. 
  5. Click Add User and wait for the installation to finish. 
  6. Once the installation is done, you can freely use the IPTV app. 

Install IPTV on Smart TV

  1. Go to the Main Menu and choose the App Store. 
  2. Search for the IPTV app.
  3. Click and install the Smart IPTV app. 
  4. Once you are done, launch the app. 
  5. Now you can see the MAC address of your Smart TV. 
  6. After that, go to your internet browser and type
  7. Enter your MAC address on this new webpage. 
  8. Submit the m3u file or URL given to you by an IPTV service provider. 
  9. Click on the Submit button and you are done. 

Install IPTV on Your Nvidia TV Shield

  1. Turn on your Nvidia TV Shield. 
  2. Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and make sure you are using a VPN for encrypting internet traffic. 
  3. Sign in to your Google Play Store account. 
  4. Search and type IPTV Smarters app. 
  5. Install the IPTV app. 
  6. Once the installation process is done, launch the IPTV app. 

Install IPTV on Your Xbox One

  1. Switch on your Xbox One. 
  2. Connect it to a VPN-enabled internet connection. 
  3. Go to the Apps section. 
  4. Search and install the MyIPTV player app. 
  5. Once the installation is finished, launch the IPTV app. 
  6. Now choose Settings Add new playlist and EPG source
  7. On the Remote Channels Section, create a new IPTV playlist name. 
  8. Enter the m3u URL provided to you by an IPTV service provider. 
  9. Click on the Add Remote list and you are done. 

Install IPTV on Your PlayStation 4

  1. Switch on your PS4. 
  2. Install Notepad++ and Plex Media Server
  3. Create a new Plex account once the downloading process is finished.  
  4. Click and launch the Plex TV app. 
  5. Now install the IPTV plugin for Plex
  6. Extract the folder and save it to this location: C: /users/”your computer username”/AppData/Local/Plex Media Server/Plug-ins.
  7. After extracting the file, visit the contents subfolder and right-click on the info file, and choose Edit with Notepad++
  8. Cut out all the text except this one <string>UseRealRTMP</string>.
  9. Now, go back to the content folders again and launch resources. 
  10. Install the m3u playlist and replace it with the existing one that lies in your folder. 
  11. Rename the folder IPTV.bundle-master as IPTV.bundle.
  12. After that, install the Plex app from the PlayStation store. 
  13. Launch the Plex app simultaneously on your PS4 and computer. 

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